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Site of the week: Linux Academy

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“If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”


-Benjamin Franklin


It’s been a while, so we thought we’d renew our site of the week segment. This week’s site posses many attributes that we hold in high regard ie first rate content, wonderful customer service, variety (they are always expanding their offerings), interactive labs, and last but not least it’s Open Source (duh).  1 Also, each member has access to up to four virtual machines to do with what they will.


I’m happy to say the site this week is Linux Academy.


Linux Academy is a relative new comer to the world of online training but they have turned what could be looked at as a strike against them into a home run, as their content is so fresh it’s bleeding edge. Lots of the online certification/training sites take so long to add new content that by the time they do it’s hardly relevant and the manufacturer is ready to update to a new revision. Working with Linux Academy has been a very refreshing contradiction from status quo.


Yes, I know, I know, I’ve left the very first questions most of us would ask for last, which is price. No, it’s not free but at 25.00 a month you can’t do better for the quality of the product. Would you not pay 25 dollars a month for the possibility to change your life? If not please kindly reread Ben Franklin’s quote in the header. The monthly costs do come down for longer commitments on both the individual and the team packages.


I personally have already been able to take advantage of their pricing structure. For the cost of one 3 day course from “vendor A” 10 engineers can train at their own pace in multiple disciplines including that of “vendor A.” Two thousand dollars as opposed to fifty thousand in this case, the ROI speaks for itself. Kind of a no-brainer.


If you’re interested in trying out an Individual monthly membership Linux Academy has granted readers a 20 percent discount. For 20 dollars a month you can change your life by learning current, in demand IT skills. Click the link here: Linux Academy Discount

(No I don’t get a cut of anything. I’m just passionate about what I’m passionate about) 


Some of the current courses are:

  • Linux+ LPIC Level 1 Exam 101
  • Linux+ LPIC Level 1 Exam 102
  • Introduction To Linux With Ubuntu 14 Desktop
  • Jenkins and Build Automation
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Level
  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate Level
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate Level
  • OpenStack Essentials
  • Deploy and Manage OpenStack on Ubuntu – Icehouse
  • Introduction To Docker
  • Learning Chef DevOps Deployment
  • Learning Puppet DevOps Deployment (Puppet Professional Cert)
  • Introduction To Android Development
  • Introduction To Ruby Programming Language On Linux


and many more titles…..


1virtual machines are included with the team/corporate membership package only. 

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