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Warning: Emotional Content – Samsung teaches an entire community sign language to surprise a hearing impaired man



The man’s name is Muharrem and he’s deaf. Muharrem’s normal day is spent in relative isolation due to the difficulty communicating with others. That all changed one day.


Samsung spent a month training Muharrem’s neighbors in and around Istanbul in Turkish sign language.



Samsung went full reality TV on us. This time it was for a good cause. There was an “insider,” Muharrem’s sister was in on it. They planted cameras, planned routes and mishaps and all the while everyone was signing. Muharrem didn’t know what was going on. His expressions could have told the whole story.

And then finally… Well you’ll just have to watch the video.


– Enjoy





This is a great use of technology. I checked the site out and it’s only available in Turkish sign language for now. I’m sure that once this catches on, more of the several hundred sign language dialects will be available.



What a great way to start the morning šŸ™‚



Have a productive and wonderful day.

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