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Shut Up and Take my Money!!! – Lily, The No Excuse Drone based Camera.



I say no excuse because with Lily there are no excuses for losing your drone or shaky video caused by jittery flying  because Lily is the first “Throw & Go” camera. I mentioned losing your drone because regrettably I purchased my first drone (a fairly inexpensive beginner model) a couple weeks ago via Amazon and being the ultra impatient type that I am, I charged up the quad copter to fly it in my office a few minutes and then took it outside. As soon as I got outside and got my Nano airborne, a gust of wind sent it irretrievably into oblivion never to be seen again into some bushes, brush and trees. Yep a gust of wind. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


Lilly isn’t currently in production but if you’re interested you can pre-order Lilly for a greatly reduced price here:



PS When you get your quad copter, whichever brand you get make sure to zero it so that you don’t have the same problem that I did. I’ve since done that with my replacement quadcopter and I’m much happier and a better pilot. If you’re interested this is the one that I got here . I was told that this one has the same exact controls as the DJI 3 Phantom. This is basically a practice drone so I don’t throw away 1200.00.


If you’re interested in Quadcopters here are a few great sites:



TKJ Electronics

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