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…but words can never hurt me. Or can they?

***Warning*** This post will not brighten your day, and it will not make you smile.

For many years we’ve all heard that “sticks and stones may break our bones but words will never hurt us.” In today’s connected world I’m not so sure that’s true. We’ve heard stories of the tragic consequences of  young kids being bullied online and off. If words couldn’t hurt then most likely some of those youngsters would still be with us today

The video below depicts a man of African decent that only speaks English. He happens to be in Lithuania, so he asks some locals to translate a message that he received on his Facebook in their native tongue. What happens next will get you thinking, as this man has unknowing asked these people to read a hate filled, racially charged message directed at himself. Although this is a social experiment, that doesn’t make this problem any less real or the emotions any less raw.


What would you do in their situation?


However vile the situation may be, I do take some solace in the people’s reactions and how they choose to handle it. These individuals appear to be absolutely abhorred by the message on this seemingly innocent man’s page. It appears that there truly may be more good people than bad in this world.


words-3 words-2 words-4


Idea originally conceived from an Upworthy post

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