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App of the Week: The Great Suspender

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If you’re like me, someone afflicted with what could be construed as ADD/ADHD of opening and never closing browsing tabs then this little baby could save your sanity as well as increase your productivity.


Which one of us doesn’t wear multiple hats these days, simultaneously even? Let’s see if these situations don’t sound familiar, a coworker comes by your office to ask about a project and they look at your screen and with eyes wide they spout, “Why do you have so many tabs open? Your system must be the Amish equivalent to, well everybody else’s computer.” Of course you stop short of choking them because in most workplaces that’s still frowned upon, although that doesn’t take the sting away. Or maybe your friendly neighborhood  IT/network tech comes to chit chat with you, they glance at your screen, then shoot you a look as if you’ve just formatted every hard drive in the building, insulted the Star Wars franchise, voted for Trump and poured sugar in their gas tank. Something has to be done. You need help and quickly.

This app won’t make your screen look anymore efficient but it will make your system run much better.  What TGS does is run in the background and check on any tabs you haven’t opened in a while and unload the tab from memory while keeping the tab location and favicon visible (If you can even see the favicon at this point). You can even set the times yourself. In other words you’ll still look like a reject from the show “Hoarders” tab wise, but your RAM and bandwidth won’t suffer and that’s a good thing. You’ll have to find another way to get your coworkers respect back.


The Great Suspender

What is it: Extension

Browser: Chrome

Cost: free

Get it:here


Here are some other tab management tools for Chrome:


Too Many Tabs


Tabs Outliner




Modern New Tab Page


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