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…but words can never hurt me. Or can they?

***Warning*** This post will not brighten your day, and it will not make you smile. For many years we’ve all heard that “sticks and stones may break our bones but … Continue reading

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Site of the Week:

  Hello everyone and happy St. Patrick’s day, This week’s “Site of the Week” isn’t about productivity or learning Linux or how to code. It’s about entertainment. It’s about finding … Continue reading

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Warning: Emotional Content – Samsung teaches an entire community sign language to surprise a hearing impaired man

  The man’s name is Muharrem and he’s deaf. Muharrem’s normal day is spent in relative isolation due to the difficulty communicating with others. That all changed one day.   … Continue reading

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Has Technology turned more people into Thrill Seekers?

I think the question does have some merit. With the proliferation of cameras everywhere and the means to be able to share footage globally almost instantly the question does need … Continue reading

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Please stop hashtag abuse!!! #funny

Along with the growth of social media the use of hashtags or better yet the abuse of hashtags is at an all time high. Here are some of the best … Continue reading

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The Innovation of Loneliness

This video is both insightful and a little shocking. It really makes you think about the impact technology has on our interpersonal relationships.

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