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App of the Week: The Great Suspender

      If you’re like me, someone afflicted with what could be construed as ADD/ADHD of opening and never closing browsing tabs then this little baby could save your … Continue reading

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Site of the Week:

  Hello everyone and happy St. Patrick’s day, This week’s “Site of the Week” isn’t about productivity or learning Linux or how to code. It’s about entertainment. It’s about finding … Continue reading

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Site of the Week: Docker

If you’re in the IT world in any capacity you’ve undoubtedly heard of docker. If not here’s a quick rundown.     Docker is a open source container technology that … Continue reading

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Madden 15 | craziest video game commercial ever

The craziest video game commercial to date. The producers probably had some “help” in the form of their creative process. Mix in Kevin Hart, David Franco, a touch of Richard … Continue reading

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Netflix losing it’s luster? Here’s some reported titles expiring soon.

If you’re like me and the thought of Netflix actually losing movies sends you into a bit of a tizzy. Even if you haven’t seen or don’t like the particular … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi Kano reaches it’s Kickstarter goal on day number two

If you know me then you know that I’m a Raspberry Pi junkie. I love everything they do, the ideas they generate and the third party “stuff” that comes out … Continue reading

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Windows 8, so easy a 3 year old can use it. If you’re having issues contact your nearest 3 year old.

Hello all of you OS addicts, We’ve all heard the griping about Windows 8 and all of it’s possible shortcomings. Personally, I’m still sticking with Windows 7 when I have … Continue reading

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Photography by the Numbers

Have you ever wondered what photographers spend most of their time doing? This infographic does a good job of answering some interesting questions concerning photography.

July 22, 2013 · Leave a comment Site of the Week: Contre Jour

Hello everyone, We hope the start of your week is going well. Today we have a first in the young life of Our site of the week is a … Continue reading

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Adobe’s new pricing model: Love it or hate it, it’s coming…..

If you haven’t yet heard Adobe has done away with the hard copy software model starting with whatever they call the version after CS6. In order to use the newest … Continue reading

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